Cerebral Hemorrhage and Brain Damage
Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is bleeding resulting from substantive and non-traumatic blood vessel rupture. Most ICH is caused by vascular rupture due to hypertensive arteriolosclerosis, and so ICH is also known as hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage. ICH is a common acute cerebral vascular disease among the elderly, with the hightest mortality rates among cerebral vascular diseases.
Early discovery of ICH symptoms and immediate treatment are very important. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to detect early accurately and timely with cerebral CT. Most cerebral CT scans appear to be perfectly normal. Features of many hemorrhage cases are insignificant and difficult to detect in cerebral CT.
Harnessing deep learning technology, Airdoc has designed a specific 3D deep neural network based on massive cerebral CT data labeled by professionals to detect the area of cerebral bleeding.
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