Shanghai Development and Reform Commission and Xuhui government visited Airdoc
2018.01.18 Ccidnet
More than 10 leaders from Shanghai Development and Reform Commission and Xuhui Government visited Airdoc Shanghai on Jan 12. The leaders experienced the chronic disease screening solution developed by Airdoc.
Airdoc returned with Ark Peace after 155 days surrounding Africa
2017.12.29 China National Radio
Ark Peace, the Chinese Navy hospital ship has returned after 155 days surrounding Africa. Airdoc AI chronic disease recognition system, which was deployed and used in the Ark Peace, has also returned.
Airdoc in China Technology Forum
2017.11.24 PCPop
“AI and Medical Health Technology Forum” hosted by China Science and Technology Committee was held in Beijing on November 24, 2018. Airdoc COO Sicheng Li was invited to give a lecture about AI’s application in medical image.
Airdoc AI Chronic Disease Screening Used in Pingan Wanjia
2017.9.18 Chinabyte
Thanks to Airdoc AI technology, Pingan Wanjia PAFC in Shenzhen started chronic disease screening service. Airdoc and Pingan Wanjia will work on deep cooperation to benefit more people with AI in China.
Airdoc developed venereal disease and HIV screening Product with Sogou
2017.9.7 Cyzone
Developed by Airdoc with Sogou and Xieshou Online, the venereal disease and HIV screening product has been launched in Sogou. The product gives risk analysis for venereal disease and HIV for free.
Wenzhou Medical University Eye Hospital forms artificial intelligence strategic alliance with Airdoc
2017.8.15 vcbeat
On August 14, Wenzhou Medical University Eye Hospital (Zhejiang Province Eye Hospital) and the leader in medical AI Airdoc announced a joint vision research and development center.
Airdoc CEO Ray Zhang on the Challenges Facing AI in Medicine
2017.7.6 Medium
At the Medical Data and Medical Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum in Wuhan, China, Airdoc’s founder and CEO, Ray Zhang, shared some of their experience working with intelligent imaging.
Airdoc founder Ray Zhang: Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Industries
2017.6.21 Medium
At the 2017 Forum for Future Medical Technology and Artificial Intelligence conference hosted by Bio-Valley was held in Shanghai, Ray Zhang speaks about the future of A.I. and how it will transform, not just healthcare, but across industries.
AI will play a critical role in the medical area
2017.6.7 Becoming Human
At The National Conference of the CNSLD (China Network for Severe Liver Diseases) held in Beijing, Airdoc CEO Ray Zhang speaks about the opportunities and challenges for artificial intelligence in the medical field.
Airdoc analyzed medical image in CHITEC
2017.5.24 it168
At the 2017 China Health Information Technology Conference (CHITEC) held in Qingdao on May 18th, medical AI leader Airdoc showcased several medical image analysis solutions, and performed chronic diseases screening for attendees.
CMEF 2017: AI has brought new changes in medicine
2017.5.22 iHeima
AI has taken center stage at the 2017 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) held in Shanghai on May 15th. Medical artificial intelligence leader Airdoc presented at the conference and demonstrated their AI image analysis model which can automatically identify cancer and segmentation of lesions.
AI Gives the Medical Industry a Boost
2017.05.11 Health News
Airdoc has supported many high-profile papers on AI applied in medical industry. Airdoc debuted at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference with Shanghai Changzheng Hospital to show how AI is changing the medical industry.
Airdoc is the first Chinese start-up at Microsoft Build Developer Conference
2017.05.11 Guangming Online
Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2017 is being held in Seattle. Airdoc’s founder, Ray Zhang, has been invited to showcase Airdoc’s DR solution at the conference.
AI is Helping Primary Health Care Institutes
2017.05.11 bioon
Airdoc has partnered with Shanghai Changzheng hospital in DR AI recognition, proving that AI can help doctors clinically in large comprehensive hospitals as well as primary medical health care institutes.
Airdoc Analyzes Skin Cancer Risk with Sogou
2017.05.08 vcbeat
Airdoc has launched a service to analyze the risk of melanoma directly in Sogou search. Sogou users can get a melanoma risk assessment simply by uploading their photos.
AI is Transforming Pathology
2017.05.08 Health News
Airdoc has brought AI technology to pathological imaging. Airdoc has reached the same efficiency as the best human doctors in the recognition of some tumor diseases, such as skin cancer.
Ray Zhang: AI is Changing the Medical
2017.03.20 eNet
Ray Zhang, Airdoc CEO presented in the annual seminar of the Ophthalmologist Branch of Shanghai Medical Doctor Association, and conducted an extensive discussion on AI’s impact to Ophthalmology with Ophthalmologists in Shanghai.
Asilomar AI Principles were Developed for AI Researchers and Scientists
2017.02.18 Health News
Asilomar AI Principles were developed in conjunction with the 2017 Asilomar conference. The principles is a list of 23 guidelines covering research issues, ethics and values, and long term issues. Although it cannot improve the efficiency of AI R&D, it posed constraints to AI researchers and scientists.
Will Doctors be Replaced by AI?
IBM recently claimed to have developed and made the world’s first nano-size artificial neuron of random phase-change, and an array made of 500 such neurons was constructed, which processes signals with the simulation of how human brain works. It is said that this may possibly mark the beginning of the age of personified AI.
Zhang Dalei of Airdoc: Seven Opportunities for AI to Grasp in Medical Healthcare
2016.12.28 ChinaByte
On December 23rd, the 2016 Eye of Storm : Future Medical VB100 Forum was held in Beijing where the founder of Airdoc, the leading enterprise in medical AI, delivered a speech named Opportunities and Challenges for AI in Medical Field.
Airdoc Showed Full Support for Wu Wenjun Prize for Artificial Intelligence Related Scientific and Technological Progress.
2016.12.20 NetEase News
During the conference, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence signed an agreement with Airdoc, a leading enterprise in AI medical services, in which Airdoc decided to financially sponsor the next few “Wu Wenjun Prize for Artificial Intelligence related Scientific and Technological Progress” as a way to support the AI development in China, and Airdoc will carry out profound cooperation in the integration of “university-industry-business”.
China Innovation Competition & Health and Medical Forum 2016” Ended
2016.10.24 AMED
The healthcare industry in China has yielded record-high achievements in this fruitful October. Being sponsored by the Population and Family Planning Commission and Health News, the “2016 Healthy China Innovation Competition & Medical Healthcare Forum” was held in National Convention Center of Beijing on October 22nd 2016. The event was an unprecedented occasion where remarkable results have been achieved in the industry.
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